Monday, July 29, 2013

Thermomix Kueh Ko Swee

Thermomix Kueh Ko Swee 蒸米糕
300g Palm Sugar 椰糖;
220g Brown Sugar 红糖;
460g Water 水;
3pcs Pandan Leaves 班兰叶;
* 10 minutes, 100°c,Thermomix Speed 1 (Reverse)
* Pour the cooked syrup out from TM Bowl and set aside.

350g Rice Flour 粘米粉;
220g Tapioca Flour 薯粉;
590g Water 水;
1.5tbsp of Alkaline Water 碱水;
*20 seconds, Thermomix Speed 4

Strain the cooked syrup gradually into the flour mixture through the lid hole and stir it;
* 2.5 minutes, 100°c,Thermomix Speed 2

Steam small empty cups for 5 minutes and fill the cups with the mixture to steam;
* 15 minutes, Varoma, Thermomix Speed 3

Set aside to cool before removing from the cups and coat evenly with Grated White Coconut白椰丝.

为了给八月十二日的大厨做好准备,小燕子今天在二姐的指导下,第一次尝试用Thermomix 制作人生中的第一个本地马来糕点。小燕子的哥哥尝了一口后,即刻竖起了拇指说:"弹性和口感太棒了!" Thermomix 又一次证明了它独一无二的功能!

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  1. 下次有机会告诉你我的version,我用Thermomix 把米打成米浆,代替粘米粉。 Love Thermomix :D