Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thermomix Black Pepper Sweet Corn Cheesy Rice

Thermomix Black Pepper Sweet Corn Cheesy Rice

It has been long time that I didn't post any recipe on this blog. This is my new and creative dish created recently with my Thermomix. It is so tasty yet simple and quick. Hope you all like it and feel free to try it out.

800g Water
70g Rice
120g Sweet Corn Kernels
20g Light Sauce
15g Dark Sauce
10g Sesame Oil
2 tsp of Mushroom Powder
65g Imitated Scallop (or 6pcs, optional)
50g Broccoli (optional)
2 tbsp of Black Pepper Sauce
1 pcs of Sliced Cheese

Recipe Preparation
1. Place water into TM bowl.

2. Place the simmering basket on a plate. Put the rice and sweet corn kernels into simmering basket. Mix them with light sauce, dark sauce, sesame oil and mushroom powder evenly.

Insert the simmering basket with the rice mixture into TM bowl. Add in scallop and brocolli and cook. While cooking the rice, stack the Varoma unit with a small bowl of black pepper sauce to steam warm.
15 minutes / V / Speed 2.5

Add in the steamed black pepper sauce and sliced cheese into the simmering basket, then mix and stir evenly to serve.