Friday, July 19, 2013

A Gift of Love 一份爱的礼物

Little Swallow's door bell rang at noon today...

A very close friend whom little swallow treated as a younger sister specially mailed a gift home from France and asked her mother to send the gift personally to little swallow's house. A note was attached with the gift, and the content was written as follow:
Dear Lim Family who always treat me as one of the family members:
Thank you very much for the Sambal Dried Prawn, it is indeed the warmest gift for me...

Thermomix has helped us to maintain our priceless friendship though we are living far from each other. Thermomix allows our love flow between Malaysia and France, this is so wonderful and fantastic!


Thermomix 制作的虾米辣椒,让我们虽然身处异地,却还是能够维系我们之间无价的友情,甚至让我们的感情更加坚固。礼轻情意重,Thermomix 让我们之间的爱流转于马来西亚和法国之间,这是多么美妙的一件事!

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