Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thermomix Omelette

Thermomix Omelette
Eggs - 4;
Parmesan Cheese - 2 Tablespoons;
Basil Herbs, Salt & Pepper
* 10 seconds, Thermomix Speed 4  > Pour into a pouring jug and clean the TM bowl

Water - 800g
* Place basket in TM bowl and position Varoma > Place a piece of baking paper onto Varoma tray and pour the omelette mixture onto the paper
* 15 minutes, Speed 1, Thermomix Varoma

* Turn the cooked omelette onto the lid of Varoma, remove the baking paper and return the omelette into Varoma tray
* 5 minutes, Speed 2, Thermomix Varoma

今天,小燕子在网络上找到了相关的食谱,便亲自用Themomix在20分钟内完成了Omelette 这道佳肴!
我特别开心第一次尝试就成功了,完全不需要用到一滴油,就能把Omelette 蒸得像煎的一样,多么健康啊!